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Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Friday that the case for raising interest rates has strengthened in light of a solid job market and an improved outlook for the U.S. economy and inflation. But she stopped short of offering any timetable - Full Story.

The U.S. economy expanded at a sluggish 1.1 percent pace this spring as businesses sharply reduced their stockpiles of goods and spent less on new buildings and equipment. Yet most analysts forecast much faster growth in the summer and fall, fueled by healthy consumer spending - Full Story.

The U.S. is seeking to forcibly limit how fast trucks, buses and other large vehicles can travel on the nation's highways - Full Story.

The government told all U.S. blood banks Friday to start screening for Zika, a major expansion intended to protect the nation's blood supply from the mosquito-borne virus - Full Story.

Weeks into the "Pokemon Go" craze, demand remains strong for "Poke Ball"-shaped treats made by a high-end doughnut company, one of many businesses and organizations coming up with creative ways to lure players in their search for the elusive "pocket monsters." - Full Story.

Has Colonel Sanders' nephew inadvertently revealed to the world the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices behind KFC's fried chicken empire? - Full Story.

The world's largest brewer, AB Inbev, expects to cut about 3 percent of its total workforce - equivalent to thousands of jobs - once it completes its huge takeover of its closest rival, SABMiller - Full Story.

A U.S. court has the authority to hear a trademark lawsuit by grocery chain Trader Joe's against a man who purchased the company's products and resold them in Canada at "Pirate Joe's," a store designed to mimic a real Trader Joe's, a federal appeals court ruled Friday - Full Story.

A trial against Brazil's president turned into a yelling match and was temporarily suspended on Friday after the head of Senate declared "stupidity is endless" and sharply criticized a colleague who had questioned the body's moral authority - Full Story.

Updated: 8/26 4:45 PM

Market Overview

(08/26/2016 04:32 PM ET)
Dow18,395.4down -53.0
S&P 5002,169.0down -3.4
NYSE10,749.3down -35.0
NYSE MKT2,405.4down -15.6
NASDAQ5,218.9up +6.7
Trading Volume(mil): NASDAQ:1,584  NYSE:822

Key Indicators

U.S. 3mo T-Bills0.305unchanged 0.000  14:59
Crude Oil47.29down -0.04  16:59
Gold1321.20up +1.10  16:47
LIBOR0.52up +0.00  06:45
$/Euro1.119down -0.009  16:00

World Markets

Amsterdam EOE453.01 +3.07Fri 12:05
Belgian 20 Price Index3,550.11 +15.27Fri 12:05
Frankfurt DAX10,587.77 +58.18Fri 11:45
Mexican IPC47,369.57 -364.63Fri 16:06
Nikkei 22516,360.71 -195.24Fri 02:00
Paris CAC 404,441.87 +35.26Fri 12:05
Seoul Composite2,037.50 -5.42Fri 05:03
Shanghai Composite3,070.31 +1.98Fri 03:00
Stockholm General507.22 +3.03Fri 11:35
Swiss Zurich8,168.32 +27.04Fri 11:32
Sydney All Ord5,607.40 -24.00Fri 02:37

U.S. Treasury Rates

U.S. - 5yr T-Notes1.24% +0.08Fri 14:59
U.S. - 10yr T-Notes1.64% +0.06Fri 14:59
U.S. - 30yr T-Notes2.30% +0.03Fri 14:59

Securities In The News

Mylan N.V.43.03+0.18Fri close